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Throughout diverse parts of this site, we will offer you Naruto's and Shippuden's episodes, wallpapers, news on the games, and generally speaking, on the show.
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Magazine Naruto

Naruto Video Games :

Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

Logo Xbox

Naruto Broken Bond

Game's information :
Genre : Action/Fighting
Thème : Ninja/Shinobi
Publisher : Ubisoft Montreal
Release date : November 20, 2008
Reviews : The best for Xbox

Naruto: The Broken Bond is an all new action-adventure game featuring 25 characters to play alongside or against and features online multiplayer.

Avis :

Naruto Broken Bond
Broken Bond

Sony Playsation 3 (PS3)

Naruto ultimate ninja storm

Game’s information :
Genre : Action/Fighting
Theme : Ninja/Shinobi
Publisher : Namco Bandai Games
Release date : November 18, 2008
Reviews : The first for PS3

A fighting game where 25 ninjas could fight in 15 arenas different (trees, floor ,sky..). Each character could moving and get at his ultimate jutsu.

Avis :

Naruto ultimate ninja storm

All Naruto's games

Naruto on TV


Find on this Naruto website, news, Naruto and Shippuden episodes, characters, the latest video games, wallpapers and others resources on the series.