Naruto and Naruto Shippuden avatars

This page is founded to help Naruto manga enthusiasts help them reach a large collection of Japanese anime naruto character avatars.

We have lot of avatars for any forum, website or myspace...This collection contains 36 Avatars for MSN Messenger

avatar Shino avatar Akamaru avatar Oeil
avatar Choji 2 avatar Choji 3 avatar Gai
avatar Naruto avatar Sasuke avatar Enma
avatar Chouza avatar Chouza avatar Kakashi 1
avatar Gaara avatar Kabuto avatar Rock Lee
avatar Shippuden avatar Sakura avatar Sakura
avatar Asuma avatar Choji avatar Ebisu
avatar avatar Tsunade avatar
avatar tsunade avatar Gaara avatar Itachi
avatar Naruto en démon avatar Hokage avatar Hinata
avatar Kyubi avatar Kakashi 2 avatar Sakura
avatar Naruto avatar Sasuke avatar Sasuke


You can now install lots of Naruto Avatar for MSN Messenger ;-).

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