Naruto : manga

Naruto is a Shonen manga, a manga for teenager boys. There is a weekly magazine that publishes this manga in Japan, and it, each week. But in France and other countries, publications are less frequente. For information, in France in April, the 17th, 2009, we have the 41st volume only.
Books are published in Shonen Kana editions. First volumes were realised in French in 2002.

Here, some examples of books wrappers

Naruto Tome 1 Naruto Tome 17 Naruto Tome 33
Naruto : tome 1
Naruto : tome 17
Naruto : tome 33



Masashi Kishimoto

Masashi Kishimoto

Masashi was born in november 1974,in Japan. He is a cartoonist and a screenwriter, i.e. he is a Mangaka . He was rewarded by un « Hope Step » (Young Author's trophy).
The serial of Kishimoto, is currently one of the most important Manga of Japan.

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