Fight Club : Naruto Vs Neji

You will find below the stats corresponding to the duel you have chosen ;-)

R.goodNinjutsu level Naruto R.goodNinjutsu level Neji MiddleTaijutsu level Naruto V.goodTaijutsu level Neji VoidGenjutsu level Naruto MiddleGenjutsu level Neji GoodPower level Naruto MiddlePower level Neji R.goodSpeed level Naruto GoodSpeed level Neji V.goodEndurance level Naruto MiddleEndurance level Neji
Naruto Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Power Speed Endurance Neji
none Neji Neji Naruto Neji Naruto

Resume of Naruto Vs Neji

Regarding the abilities in ninjutsu, the two ninjas are equal.
Neji is better skilled in the use of taijutsu..
In genjutsu, Neji is the winner.
Naruto is far stronger than her opponent
Neji is faster than her/his opponent.
Considering the criterion of stamina, Naruto is far better.

Considering these 6 points...., Neji fights Naruto with 3/6 fights ( one tie )

However, remember that if these two ninjas were to fight for real, the result might be different.
The stats above are only based on the main skills a ninja needs to master.
Indeed, other features like ruse or intelligence are also decisive in a fight...
The stats concerning each ninjas and which were used here, are mainly based on the information given in the 1st season. For instance, this is why Naruto does not appear that strong. Of course, he has improved himself since the beginning of the manga.

Example : "Kyubi" is not included in Naruto's stats, as the sharingan is not included in Sasuke's.

Vidéo Naruto Vs Neji :

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