Naruto - Story


Naruto is a manga created by Masashi Kishimoto, anime done by Hayato Date. The first edition was published in Japan in 1999. Now, there are more than 70 million of sold volumes in the world.
The anime start in France on Game One chanel in 2006.
Naruto is the story of a young boy of 12 years old, in the begining, who want to be the best Hokage (ninja’s boss) there ever been. The manga is in two parts ,the second is called « Shippuden ».

Warning, if you never watch the anime and want to discover Naruto by yourself, don’t read the next paragraph.


Naruto’s story

The story began in the hidden village of Konoha, with a young orphan called Uzumaki Naruto. Too abandoned during his childhood , he try to draw attention to himself by the pitreries, jokes and doing the clown. He repeat often: « I will become the greatest Hokage of all the time»

All of this could be explained ,if we come back 12 years ago, during the birth of Naruto. At this time, the Nine Tails Fox, Kyubi, wanted to destroy the village of Konoha. The great Hokage ,a very powerfull ninja, has taken the defense of the village . Just before his death, he has sealed the Nine Tails Fox in the body of Naruto and saved all the ninjas and inhabitants.
Naruto grew up without knowing that the Kyubi is in him.
In the begining of the serial, he meet Haruno Sakura and Uchiwa Sasuke, both want to be great ninjas and pass exam to become Genin (apprentice) , a compulsory stage to become Hokage.
Their master, Hatake Kakashi, a very mysterious Juunin (expert ninja) will accompany them in the long way to become a Chuunin.
Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, with whom Naruto is in perpetual rivalry, train for the Chuunin’s exam.
A child of the village of Suna, who has also inherited a Tails Daemon, will have for mission to destroy Konoha. This child, Gaara, will be a central character of the story.







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